This soft approach solution is part of our planter range, a seamless conjunction of VBIED protection and natural beauty. A common theme found throughout the range is having the protection hidden within the beauty of the product. Planters are oversized flower and tree pots which have been designed with hostile vehicle mitigation qualities in mind. These […]


Product Code: AB-ES-01 Our egg-shaped bollards provide a high level of protection and blend in seamlessly to many environments. Its gentle curves gives the bollards a soft approach to hard security. These bollards are 1200 mm high and 600 mm in width. These bollards are made from granite and weigh 1 tonne. Customisation is available […]

soft approach to hard security

Mystic Black

Product Code : AB-MB-01 This spherical shaped bollard takes a soft approach to hard security with a mystic black colour. Weighing one tonne, the cast iron bollard offers an aesthetically pleasing finish and maximum security against vehicles. While a lot of work has been put into the aesthetic appeal of the bollard, even more work […]