Cast Iron


AB-C-01 Drawing a rainbow is hard if you don’t have all the right colours! Our Crayon bollards come in a variety of customisable colours, to ensure that every playground has a splash of colour. Designed with high impact and durable materials, the Crayons can be placed in all environments and conditions. Our Crayons offer premium […]


Product Code : AB-V-01 This bollard is made of many triangles to to create a geometric shape pleasing to the eye. Taking a soft approach to hard security, they can be placed as ‘trinkets’ around many attractions. Their distinct shape and range of colours make them pieces of artwork in their own right, as well […]

soft approach to hard security

Mystic Black

Product Code : AB-MB-01 This spherical shaped bollard takes a soft approach to hard security with a mystic black colour. Weighing one tonne, the cast iron bollard offers an aesthetically pleasing finish and maximum security against vehicles. While a lot of work has been put into the aesthetic appeal of the bollard, even more work […]