This soft approach solution is part of our art sculpture range. A common theme found throughout the range is having the protection hidden within the beauty of the product. These solutions are eye-catching for the right reasons. This bollard is made from granite for a high level of protection. We make, supply, deliver, install and […]


We take a soft approach to hard security with our tailored VBIED bollards that protect against vehicle borne threats while blending into the surroundings seamlessly. The design can be customised to suit any need, and are often also multi functional. They can for example have built-in lights or flat seating areas. The beautiful coastal bollard […]


Product code: AB-G-01 Manufactured with high quality stone and reliable LEDs, our Galileo bollard shines brightly throughout the night. The Galileo offers maximum protection on a smaller scale, with a robust base it can prevent vehicles from accessing areas and protect pedestrians. The Galileo’s sloping sides offer a soft approach to hard security compared to […]

Granite Spheres with Light

VanGuard Bollard Range

Product Code : AB-SW-01 This spherical shaped bollard is the definition of a soft approach to hard security. This makes it incredibly difficult to vandalise or move. Fixed with LED light strips it enhances the atmosphere for pedestrians during hours of darkness.¬† Diameter: 800mm Weight: 1200kg (1.2 ton) Other available metrics: 660mm-450kg, 1000mm-1.5ton Material: Granite […]