This spherical shaped bollard takes a soft approach to hard security with concrete. Weighing one tonne, this bollard offers an aesthetically pleasing finish and maximum security against vehicles. While a lot of work has been put into the aesthetic appeal of the bollard, even more work has been put into its strength. Its proprietary design […]

street bench bollard


Product Code : AB-U-01 Concrete is a versatile material which work great in soft approach solutions. Numerous designers choose to use this hard material to combine strength with style. Concrete can be moulded into many different shapes and textures. The finished product has an honest, raw look which suits city spaces such as parks, beaches […]

designer bollard shaped as floating bench


Product Code : AB-H-01 The Houdini is a bench that is so much more than a bench. It adds a lot of artistic merit to space as well as seating functionality. It’s beautiful curved shape lends well to blending into nature or city environments in a way that is soft on the eye.