Product code: AB-G-01 Manufactured with high quality stone and reliable LEDs, our Galileo bollard shines brightly throughout the night. The Galileo offers maximum protection on a smaller scale, with a robust base it can prevent vehicles from accessing areas and protect pedestrians. The Galileo’s sloping sides offer a soft approach to hard security compared to […]


AB-C-01 Drawing a rainbow is hard if you don’t have all the right colours! Our Crayon bollards come in a variety of customisable colours, to ensure that every playground has a splash of colour. Designed with high impact and durable materials, the Crayons can be placed in all environments and conditions. Our Crayons offer premium […]


AB-P-01 These vibrantly coloured and sturdy bollard pencils will bring out the inner child in everyone. Designed with high impact and durable materials, the pencils can be placed in all environments and conditions. They can be customised in a range of colours to become statement pieces or match colour themes. These pencils will provide the […]


  Product Code : AB-S-01 This is a solution to temporary bollards that can easily be installed in our city centres without compromising on aesthetics. These bollards allow authorised vehicles through through a rotating feature. Secured to a turn table, these bollards in a normal position will block vehicles access. When needed, the base of […]

Wall Street™

Product Code : AB-WS-01 These customisable architecturally striking bollards are designed to fit into any high security city areas, without compromising the appearance of the landscape. These sculptures are designed with a slant to allow pedestrians to sit, making it a pedestrian-friendly area that is safeguarded at all times. These bollards blend in perfectly in […]


Product Code : AB-V-01 This bollard is made of many triangles to to create a geometric shape pleasing to the eye. Taking a soft approach to hard security, they can be placed as ‘trinkets’ around many attractions. Their distinct shape and range of colours make them pieces of artwork in their own right, as well […]

street bench bollard


Product Code : AB-U-01 Concrete is a versatile material which work great in soft approach solutions. Numerous designers choose to use this hard material to combine strength with style. Concrete can be moulded into many different shapes and textures. The finished product has an honest, raw look which suits city spaces such as parks, beaches […]