Bubble gum designer bollards.


The bubble gum bollard provides a high level of protection and looks unique and interesting as well. This fun design is the perfect way to add some colour to a location while protecting its people and assets. Customisation is available for size and colour.  


The Avatar is a Self Illuminating Bollards which uses chemical reactions to produce illumination to create safety and excitement to dimly lit dark areas. These bollards are manufactured from semi-transparent materials which allow them to be powerfully illuminated. Our bollards are cost effective, reliable and low maintenance. They can be easily installed and custom ordered […]


AB-C-01 Drawing a rainbow is hard if you don’t have all the right colours! Our Crayon bollards come in a variety of customisable colours, to ensure that every playground has a splash of colour. Designed with high impact and durable materials, the Crayons can be placed in all environments and conditions. Our Crayons offer premium […]


AB-P-01 These vibrantly coloured and sturdy bollard pencils will bring out the inner child in everyone. Designed with high impact and durable materials, the pencils can be placed in all environments and conditions. They can be customised in a range of colours to become statement pieces or match colour themes. These pencils will provide the […]


Product Code : AB-V-01 This bollard is made of many triangles to to create a geometric shape pleasing to the eye. Taking a soft approach to hard security, they can be placed as ‘trinkets’ around many attractions. Their distinct shape and range of colours make them pieces of artwork in their own right, as well […]


Product Code : AB-B-01 This bollard was designed around the Australian plant, the Banksia. The lighting functionality is customisable to a range of colours and is used to enhance the aesthetic of the bollard. This bollard is designed to seamlessly blend into parkland city environments.