Australia has a rich sporting culture and at the same time, sporting events can be a potential target for terrorist attacks as they are events in which large numbers of people gather.

The VBIED Spalding Bollard is the latest edition to the soft approach to a hard security range. 

These bollards have a proprietary security solution which enables it to have a VBIED rated protection.

The groove in the bollard has a green illumination to brighten the atmosphere at night and provide enhanced visibility.

These bollards can be custom-made or tailored to the facility which hosts a certain event or particular sport. It creates a connection with the building and its history and lets its visitors know what purpose it serves. 

The VBIED Spalding Bollard provides protection without compromising on the look of the area but rather adding excitement and innovation into a facility. 

We supply a range of sports themed bollards including soccer balls, tennis balls, footballs and more. 

All our bollards are made with quality materials, with great workmanship and are provided with our outstanding customer service which has been proven for over 25 years.

We make, supply, deliver, install and maintain bollards and their associated solutions.

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